Does Hpv have these symptoms?

So i went to the ER today bc of pelvic pain, abdominal pain. Well more so discomfort. Itd be a 4 if i had to rate it. Also have lower side pain. 

I dont have pid, my tubes arent infected... I just dont know what to do. 

After i told the nurse he said maybe it is hpv.. But im also exp the abdominsl pain like up under my breast thst area.. 


Anyone exp this??. Pls help

No I don't think just having hpv would give you pain. I had early cancer and didn't have pain. Could you be constipated? It sounds like trapped wind, if I get that sort of pain you're describing I drink some peppermint tea and it really helps. 

I agree with Libby ...  sounds like trapped wind 

i get this often left side pain , low abdo and back pain this is usually relieved with rennie deflatine ...honestly try it it's a god send !! 

Hope you feel better soon xx

HPV doesn't have any symptoms & that's why it can only be traced through screening. HPV causes most cell changes & as I understand it, those cell changes eventually cause symptoms.  You can read about HPV on Jo's information pages. I am not a doctor & did not have any symptoms when diagnosed with HPV - it was just through routine screening