Does CIN appear as a white patch on the cervix?


Hoping someone can help with this as I'm still trying to get my head around all the jargon.  


As I understand it, CIN is pre-cancerous, but I've read that during a colopscopy, fluids (acetic acid, iodine) are applied to the cervix and acetic acid will turn abnormal cells white.... so does that mean that if there is a patch on the cervix which is *already* white, that it isn't CIN?





Hi again,

have googled, cin can appear as white patches. But could also be blocked gland, apparently. One way or the other, I really don't think it would be more than mild changes five months after a clear smear.

Molly xx

not you again :-)


Yes, I found that on google too... just a bit puzzled at to why they would apply acetic acid to an area with the possibility of turning it white, if that area was already white.  

Patience is not my strong point, and this waiting (12 days to go...) is not helping!




Hiya. When I went mine was normal pink colour until the stuff was put on, then turned white, and there was loads of bits in that made it look like a maze (sorry that im not much help) x