Does chemo shrink the nodes??

Good morning ladies

Kimmy aka minor node obsessive here!! I start treatment tomorrow (super nervous). I am 2a with a couple of pelvic nodes involved.  I've been thinking that obviously my pet scan was about five weeks ago so stressing it may have moved to other nodes.

I'm wondering if it's the chemo that they use to try and get the nodes so if I'm having that and the cancer has moved to other ones will the chemo get them as well.

sorry if my question sounds a bit vague and uniformed but I have banneed myself from google again as I was getting upset and worked up


thanks ladies



It's the radio that does the business Hon. The radio beams will be directed to the tumour but it works from about your belly button to below your hip bones. The chemo makes it work better. My doc said it is best to get your haemoglobin (iron levels) up really high because it helps the cells destroy themselves. I suggest a big standard vitamin, nothing fancy! And plenty of iron rich food with orange juice prior to treatment starting as you prob won't be eating much fruit and veg once it starts. Something like Centrum or lots of spa tone. Xxx

Ps...squamous is less sneaky than adeno and doesn't go anywhere in a hurry xxx