Does cervix growth back after LLETZ

good evening girls, I hope you are well, I am 28 years old, I have 2 children, 4 and 8 months old. I also got into this whole difficult adventure, they told me after the biopsy where I’m going to do LLETZ, damn it, I’ll leave it to do the treatment later because I want to get pregnant again. My question is if the cervix returns again after the treatment, I am very upset and I don’t know what to do, that is, we will live with the anxiety and with a cervix that is missing a piece? or they simply scratch the cells :frowning:

Hi, It’s my understanding that the cervix heals but doesn’t ‘grow back’ as such. They are I think only taking cell or cells deep layers off I think, kind of like shaving off the effected layers. They do say you can still carry a pregnancy afterwards, although my understanding is that this can be compromised afyer repeated Lletz treatments. I am happy to stand corrected if I am wrong on this
The best people to ask would probably be the gynae team if you are worried.

Take care

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