Does being 30 give me a disadvantage

I’ve been hearing that being 30 and over (31 in a few weeks) give you a disadvantage of getting rid of the hpv virus… abs that regardless it will be with you forever.

Can someone please shed some light on this ?

I’m staying hopeful and keeping healthy to get rid of this :confused:

Positive comments welcome

I don’t know the answer to your question. However, if I may offer my view: I think the recently introduced HPV primary screening gives virtually all women an advantage compared to the previous cytology based screening programme.

If I’d had the benefit of knowing my HPV status (it’s likely I would have tested positive) when I went for my last smear age 47y I’m sure I wouldn’t have got complacent about getting screened - see my back story.

Sorry I haven’t exactly answered your question but I hope my reply helps in some way.


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