Does anyone who has had abnormal smear results have any other gynae probs?

Hi Ladies,

My name is Katie. Ill tell you a little about myself then if you have a moment would like feedback as I think it would be great if we could push for the national smear age to be altered or lowered.

I was 25 in November 2012, for over 8 years I have had gynaecological problems, I have had 2 Dermoid cyst removals the first measuring 5cm and the 2nd measuring 9.5cm. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed to have Polycystic ovary syndrome.

I have a 3 year old girl- so luckily have been able to concieve and now have a mirena coil fitted.

November on my 25th birthday i had my first smear- IT came back abnormal severe dyskaryosis CIN3. A few weeks after I had a laposcopy biospy? which then I was told i would have LLETZ under anesthetic.

5/2/2013 i had my LLETZ op still awaiting results. (Recovering)


NOW my questions-

Do any of you ladies who had abnormal smear results have gynaecological problems?

How quickly were you treated?

Do you think maybe the age should be lowered for a smear test?


Im trying to see if abnormal smear results could be linked in any way to gynaecological problems so if they are to see if somehow we can push to get the smear age down. I understand from what I have been told by a consultant its not unheard for someone already with gynae probs to have abnormal smears. Which I ask i have had gynaecological problems for over 8 years i had continuosly asked for a smear to be told i was too young. then a week or so after my smear i find out i have severe dyskaryosis cin3 would hate to ever be in a position to have to tell my family i have cancer at 25.

Thank you for reading :-)


Hi Katie

Glad you have found this forum, although I’m sorry for all you’ve had to endure.

I had my first abnormal smear a few months ago which showed mild dysk, CIN 2. Had my lletz and waiting for my results. Been almost four weeks so any day now I’m expecting them  - wouldn’t it be ironic if they arrived today on Valentine’s Day!

Anyway, previous to my smear I had no gynae problems at all. Well, none that have shown any symptoms.

However, on this forum I’ve read quite a few stories from women in a similar position to you. I couldn’t really comment on whether abnormal cells are linked to other gynae conditions as I have no medical expertise. But what I will say with absolute certainty is: yes, absolutely the smear test age needs to be lowered!  There are so many young women on here who’ve been refused smears by their GPs, even when they’re bleeding during sex and between periods. The campaigns tell us to rush to our GP if any of this happens, so why, when these women are following such advice, are they being turned away and refused a simple procedure that literally takes seconds to do??

Many cancers are linked to older age, but cervical cancer is not one of them. In fact, I think the highest risk age group is 25 to 34 – if this is the case, why the hell aren’t they doing smears earlier? I think in some countries, the age is as low as 20. I can’t understand why the UK hasn’t adopted this yet. It makes me angry read some of the experiences here where women are fobbed off with ‘you’re too young, it’s in your mind’…oh and my absolute favourite: ‘Bleeding (between periods and during sex) is just part of being a woman’. Cannot actually believe that this kind of dangerous nonsense still exists in the 21st century!!!

I never really gave any thought to the smear test age until this happened to me and I found this forum. It scares me to think without regular screening, this would have been missed for me – physically I feel fine because CIN has no symptoms. I know too many women who don’t go for their smear test because they don’t want to go through an uncomfortable ordeal. I’m going to do a 10k charity run for Jo’s to raise awareness of cervical cancer and the screening programme – I think it’s an area that’s worryingly neglected, even despite the publicity that surrounded the tragedy of Jade Goody’s death.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant! I hope it all works out for you and at least you have your CIN caught and treated. I just wish that it could have been sooner so you’d have been spared this stress.

Take care xx


Hi Katie,

            It was my 1st smear that came back abnormal too.....i had been asking for an early smear which was supported by a locum doctor i went to see due to abdo pain, pain and bleeding during sex, he booked me the appointment when i was 24 and when i went a week later they refused to do it due to my age and just tested me for all STIs instead, so when they came back negative there was no follow up.

Scince then i have had a colposcopy to check for endometriosis and PCOS as i have the symptoms but they cant find evidence of either. What they have noticed tho is that my cervix seems to bleed when it is touched. they have now cauterised it to see if this helps (no known reason why tho, as they said its not related to CIN).

My CIN has gone now, but i am still left with all the gynae symptoms i had before and a huge ?????? about why and what, i suffer with drenching night sweats and sudden hot day sweats.....i have been tested for menopause through to carcinoid syndrome and thyroid function and nothing is showing (it started during puberty so im convinced its hormonal).

Personally i think smears should be based on when a person becomes sexually active, so it is person centered and individual.

Hope this helps your thoughts x

In Scotland and Wales, smear testing is available to women from the age of 20 years. I don't understand why England should be any different. All I can say is I'm glad I live in Scotland. It's time England came into line with the rest of the UK.

I'm not sure about lowering the age for screening. As I understand it, screening is only suitable for women who are not having any symptoms. If you are having gynae problems, screening is not the answer for you.