Does anyone find Pilates beneficial?

Hi everyone,

I just finished a twelve week cancer gym program. It was great to help with fatigue, which is really sucky. I'm just looking for something that will continue to help increase strength. It was really nice to have a regular class, and see other people while doing something normal. I go walking and thought i might start gentle cycling again at the parks but was looking for something else as well. I still can't handle anything too intense, even though i've improved, and I've always been quite uncoordinated, and not very flexible. My physio suggested maybe Pilates and I found somewhere local that does Barre and Pilates classes.

Hi Bexter, can't really comment on Pilates, but I have done yoga which I have found very beneficial,  both physically and mentally. Physically it works the core muscles as does Pilates, so from that point of view it would help. I'm sure there are people on this site who can offer more. Good luck though.

Thanks Rachel Laughing

Hi Bexter

I have been doing pilates and yoga for the last two weeks now to help with joint pain and just to get some strength back in my body, although its too early to tell if its helping physically it is certainly helping mentally :-) If you have the option give it a go and see how you feel, Im glad I did.


Thanks Marie Laughing!

I think I will.