Does anyone else suffer from

…a leaky bladder?
What I thought I really was a lot of discharge I am now beginning to realise is wee!
Can anything be done?
So pleased to be rid of cc but not so pleased with the everyday reminder x

How old are you Sweet pea? It's not a rarity as we age but you might want to try pelvic floor exercises.

Have a word with your GP anyway.

Be lucky :-)

Hiya....I do :-(

mine is due to having a hole in my bladder - this was picked up in my scans you see but I was leaking before it was as it wasn't looked for until I said. I am waiting to see what's happening now I've finished treatment - waiting for scans - then I can see what can be done which is so annoying as  have to wear pads 24/7. I mentioned this to my doctor and i now get them from the doctor.

speak to your doctor to see what it is - it may just be you've had trauma to your bladder with all the treatment and it needs time to recover this is what I was told before the hole was found

Hi Sweet pea,

Yes, Kegel exercises can be helpful. I also found that my bladder lining was irritated following treatment. The radiologist decided to only do 4 of the 5 planned brachy treatments because of concerns for my bladder. Adjusting your diet to avoid high acid and spicy foods/beverages could be helpful. It gradually improved over several months to where I was confident in avoiding leaks. Now 5 years later, I rarely think about it and have been able to add back most foods. I still avoid coffee & orange juice. I can eat tomato sauce, if I don't have it too frequently. The interstitial cystitis diet food list seems to provide good guidance. Start with the bladder friendly column and over time experiment with foods in the "try it " column and eventually you may be able to add back some of the "caution" column. Find it at Also, drink water. The tendency is to drink less, so there is less to leak. However, I find that is better to drink more water and keep the urine diluted rather than concentrated to reduce irritation.

Best wishes!