Does a year seem a long time? (Long but help lol)

Hey girlies!

As some of you know, I got my biopsy results back confirming CIN1 which required no treatment and they have now referred me back to my GP in 12 months time for another smear. Is this the normal process with CIN1? As thankful as I am that it is only at a low grade, I can't help but wonder what my chances are of it progressing within that year?! Is it common for that to happen or not? I guess it's normal to be wondering all sorts of things, especially as I have the high risk type HPV! I am with the same partner though and plan on staying with him for the rest of my life. So I won't contract another type of HPV! Is it also possible to keep contracting the same type of HPV from my partner if we keep passing it back and forth? All these unanswered questions and not so many answers! Wondering whether to contact the colposcopist nurse. Or am I being silly and should just leave it? If I didn't have 'high risk' HPV, I don't think I would be as concerned. What happens if (like now) I have a real bad cold and my immune system weakens slightly? Is there a chance the HPV will cause havoc in my body? And then waiting a year for a smear to find out! Argh.. What is this doing to our minds?! Lol some days I am absolutely fine, others I'm in a state of 'what ifs and what will happen' any advice would be so much appreciated lol. Sorry girlies! I'm driving myself mad lol. Xxx

Hi Dani, I know I replied to your post yesterday but I can totally see where you are coming from so will add here as well. If I were you, I would make a list of all your questions and call your clinic tomorrow. I don't think you're being silly at all and I think you might end up worrying for the next year if you don't have the answers to this! 


I'm not sure if it's common procedure to wait 12 months after a CIN1 diagnosis but I'm sure they will be able to advise you. Maybe enquire about the possibility of a smear in 6 months? I'm no sure if they would do it but it's worth an ask if it puts your mind at rest. 


Finally try no to worry, I know this is soooooo hard and I'm just the same as you - fine one minute and then fearing the worst the next! It really messes with your head doesn't it? Just try and relax today then give your clinic a call tomorrow and hopefully they should at least be able to give you some peace of mind.



Thanks very much for replying hun! You're so right, it does horrible and crazy things to our head! And although I shouldn't panick because they don't seem concerned, I still can't help but have that fear at the back of my mind! Maybe because of my age (26) they think it should just resolve itself? I thought they may have checked again in 6 months as I'm sure I've read someone elses post who had the same and was referred back in 6 months! I will give them a call tomorrow and find out for sure! I know the colposcopist nurse said on examining my cervix that she couldn't really see much and that it may just be the HPV virus present? So maybe it really is just a tiny amount of cell changes and they think it wil resolve itself? I'll just ring them tomorrow an hopefully have some more reassurance lol this does silly things to our heads!! Xxx

Pleased for you Dani! Have the rang your doctor about getting a sooner appointment? I know how you feel, when i was waiting for my results i think i was more scared about them saying they'd refer me back after 6 months! But hopefully they'll understand your worry and refer you back after 6. I know we should be condifent if they feel what they are doing is right, but it is hard especially when they are so vague in what they are saying! i still feel none the wiser! I'm *patiently* waiting for my appointment for treatment .. which really means i'm stalking the postman! lol x