Documentary series opportunity

Hi Everyone 

We have been approached about a new documentary series which is looking for participants.

The series is a positive look at relationships and finding love and they are looking for single people who feel that their love lives have been affected by a medical condition such as the side effects of cervical cancer treatment, and as a result, may not feel entirely comfortable with being open about this issue when they first meet people. From talking to our community, we know that this can be really challenging after a cervical cancer diagnosis and we wanted to give you the opportunity to take part in this programme.

The series will look at how much we reveal about ourselves to potential partners at the start of a relationship and how it can be trickier for those with medical/physical conditions. The producers feel that cancer survivors (especially women who have battled cancer of the breast or reproductive system) would be particularly relevant to this documentary series due to the physical and emotional results of surviving cancer.

Throughout the series, any contributors will be raising awareness about their medical/physical conditions and documenting how these conditions can impact on their daily lives. They hope to give a positive and respectful insight into a variety of conditions, to both educate viewers and at the same inspire others who may be in the same situation. The stories will aim to challenge preconceptions that may exist as they sensitively portray their search for love and growth in confidence. 

Casting takes places ASAP and filming will be throughout the summer. 

If you’re interested please email

Best wishes