Doctors tomorrow.

Hi, I'm new to the forum so hope you don't mind me posting. 


Ive had heavy periods for over a year now,  was given transamic acid tablets to take which tend to reduce the number of days I bleed rather than reduce the actual bleeding. I literally change tampons every hour on day 2 of my period - they really are horrendous.  



For the last 6 months I've had severe lower back pain. Been to docs regarding this who sent me for physio. I've also paid privately to see an acupuncturist and an oeseopath but nothing helps this pain.  I actually feel like I can't bend down because somethjng is restricting meS. the pain is awful at times and has spread round to my left side area too. 


My last period finished on the 13th sept but since then I've had bleeding or spotting most days. I rang the doctors Wednesday as was concerned about the irregular bleeding (it happened last month too.) I have an apt tomorrow. 


I literally had a letter last week for a smear too.  Do you think the doctor will do a smear tomorrow? and what happens if I'm bleeding?  

I initially was concerned about my lower back pain but since this bleeding in between periods has started I have a bad feeling about my symptoms.  I'm just wondering what will happen tomorrow?  does the doc usually refer you to gyne?   Or smear first and go from there?  




Im new also to the forum also.  I attended the drs on Friday who gave me my smear test and also an internal exam.  I am now waiting to hear from the hospital regarding further tests.  

Hope everything goes okay for you



How has everything gone for you?