Doctors reaction to scared. Opinions/advice?


Hi all, 


This is my first post, however, I have been reading all your posts for over a month now and has been a saving grace. I am quite a private person and my only sister is 8 months pregnant so I didn't like to bother her. So thank you Smile


To start last month I started experiencing extreme flank pain on my right hand side below my rib cage with a very very saw pressure point of pain to the right of my belly button. I went to the GP tested for UTI etc. etc. all came back clear. Went back to the doctor 2 days later because the pain (which is constant) had spread to my pelvic/groin area. I was sent for a full abdominal ultrasound and x-ray to look for kidney or bladder stones. Everything all clear. I was then referred to an early pap smear (where I am from pap’s are only done every 2 years).


Pap smear came back HGSIL CIN2 CIN3 CIS then HPV came back as type 16 positive. Since the results I have experienced the weirded period of all time where my tampon was soaked with clear fluid within 30-60mins after inserting, low grade fevers at night time, still constant pain in my side, pelvis and upper right leg and a lot of nausea.


I went for my colposcopy and biopsy today; I actually expected smooth sailing and no pain or fear... how wrong I was. Everything was fine until the doctor applied the solution to my cervix and warned some people find it irritating (which I didn’t). After a small bit probably seconds the doctor let out a huge sigh and said, “Well you will need further treatment the results will be in on Wednesday so I need to see you then to discuss the results” the two nurses then looked at each other and became very different in their demeanour towards me. Even the doctor who is actually always quite cold and straight to the point totally avoided eye contact and gave me no other feedback. She actually ran out the room passed me half naked. The biopsy hurt A LOT! I bled like crazy, literally when I stood up it felt like a flood of blood came rushing out onto the floor down my legs. She did take 3 punch biopsies from 12, 5 and 9o'clock in her words, so maybe that is normal?! (don't get me started on pads! How did people survive before?)


Basically I would love some feedback of what to expect from the biopsy result consult and how to interpret the doctors/nurse reactions today? Also something I am still unclear of is if the biopsy can diagnose cc or do I still need to go for LETZ to find that out? I have already diagnosed myself with stage 4 cc in my head after their reactions so anything other than that would be great. Also any questions that you felt you missed in your appointments, I am writing a list! This doctor probably will wish she could make me run past her naked to get out of all of them Tongue Out 


I am trying to stay positive but with as you probably know it’s near impossible when you’re just waiting.   


Hi there

Sorry to hear you are having to go through this - I know from personal experience how scary it is. 

Having been diagnosed and treated for CC there are a few things I can say...

Firstly it is impossible to second guess the doctors.  At every turn I have read something in an expression or tone of voice and have wound myself up terribly.  Most of the time your percetions are completely wrong, so try very hard not to read too much into things.

The worst thing is the waiting and not knowing.  Regardless of what is discussed at the meeting you will know exactly what you are dealing with - and hopefully they will be able to treat you quickly and simply to remove the pre-cancerous cells.  

This forum is amazing, so keep talking and posting - there is nothing beter than getting advice from someone with first hand expereince.  

Let us know how you get on.  

Love and prayers.

Hi, the first time I went for colposcopy my doctor reacted badly, the nurse went all weird on me as well - Overly sysympathetic. Doctor told me he didn't want to biopsy but do a LLETZ in the next two weeks. Queue massive freak out. He said it was "Bad and all over cervix". 


Anyway, LLETZ done and results in... Cin 2 only. Basically it looked worse than it was. So yes, sometimes it can be bad news but other times it Is better than expected! Stay positive. Xxx 

Hi Nellie, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a reply to my post. Means a lot. Just got the biopsy results which basically confirmed the pap smear. However,  they've discovered the cin 3 within the endocervical canal crypts (explaines as like passages coming off of the endocervical canal). I'm awaiting my insurance approval and then I will be booked in for a cone biopsy under GA. The doctor said we just need to hear the 'magical clear margin' words and I will be just monitored closely for reoccurrence. 

I was warned though the results could be more progressed ie. Cancer as the colposcopy and biopsy can't get up as far as the cone biopsy can. Not quite like the movies with a quick x-ray diagnosis hey lol. But feel much better as you mentioned that at least now I know what exactly I am dealing with. 

Thanks Again x

Hi Spacebunnyx,

Thank you also for your response. And no wonder you freaked out. That's pretty scary just 'skipping' over the biopsy like that. So sorry to hear about your bad experiences and struggle with fertility. I felt like I lived the 3 years of hell along with my sisters struggle, it's not an easy process yet to pair it with cin and hpv issues feels all a little unfair. 

And you were completely correct the results came back better than expected; still CIN3, extensive but much better than cc! Actually feel relieved and looking forward to booking the cone biopsy and moving forward!