Doctors Holidays

hi all again

sorry i have a lot of questions at the moment..

i was informed by consultant on friday that i have cc, this was a week after they knew from the colopscopy but he was holiday (out of country)

he has now referred me onto another consultant with the view that i would see him this week, however this next guy is also on holiday!

so i have my MRI scheduled Wednesday and appointment next Thursday.

Should i worry? sitting around not knowing is driving me crazy. (this is all on private insurance)

Does a week really matter at this point, initail histology puts my CC at 1B.

Sorry to hear that you're going through this. CC is a very slow growing cancer so waiting a few weeks won't make any difference, but mentally it drives you crazy, the waiting around is torture at times. Because you're going private i would of thought once you've had the MRI they will start your treatment very soon after! I too was diagnosed with CC 1B this time last year they gave me a RH, but so far, so good, all is well. Take care of yourself and you should have this all behind you soon. 


Hi Pat,

Julie is right, the delay won’t allow your cancer to spread or grow dramatically - it’s more of a problem keeping your mind occupied whilst you wait.

I think it depends where you live and who your Consultant is, but I had similar timescales with NHS and they were simply faultless throughout, so if you’re not getting the service you expect privacy, don’t rule out the NHS.

You’ll feel more positive and in control once you know what you’re facing, I promise. Waiting is simply the worst.

Keep us all posted and we wish you well. Stay strong.


Hi Pat

I can sympathise - I had to wait 6 weeks between diagnosis and surgery.  At my hospital all 3 of the consultants were on holiday within 2 weeks of each other, ridiculous timing.  I was passed backwards and forwards between all 3 consultants who were all trying to pass the buck because they couldn't fit my case in!  I saw a different consultant every week for 3 weeks!

I got extremely stressed out about it and was on the phone to my oncology nurse several times complaining and stating NHS guidelines on treatment.  In the end they called my surgeon on holiday and finally gave me a surgery date.  Because my surgeon wasn't experienced in laparscopic surgery he needed another more experienced surgeon to be present and that partly caused the delay.

It felt like the longest wait EVER but I can reassure you it did not affect my outcome at all.  In fact after all my stressing they didn't find any residual cancer left and my loop treatment had removed it all.  So I had spent a month and a half worrying about it growing and spreading for no reason.  Be reassured that cervical cancer is very slow growing but I do understand your concerns and I could tell you not to worry but I know that will be pointless.  Once you know more and have a treatment plan things will get easier though I promise.

In fact when my surgery day finally did come, it suddenly seemed to have been very quick and I didn't feel ready!

This is an excellent forum - there is loads of information and support on here and everyone is very friendly.

Hope your appointment on Thurs goes well.

Best wishes

Kirsty x