Doctor wants to talk???


I had my second colposcopy with lletz last week. On my first appointment, I was told my abnormal cells are inside and outside the cervix. On my last appointment, she said my cells are on my glands and are high grade. She mentioned there could be a possibility I have to go back and have it all done again under general anaesthetic.


Yesterday my doctors called me. Apparently the doctor needs to discuss my results with me. But I have to wait 10 days to speak to them? I am assuming the results will be that not everything has gone and I am going to need to go back and have it all done under general.


Had anyone received results in this way? I thought it was odd the doctor wanted to talk to me but I have to wait. 



Hi there, I would take it as a good sign that you are not having to go in urgently. Abnormalities in the glands or cgin can be treated slightly different to cin, so its possible they may not have clear margins on the cgin and want to repeat they may also suggest doing a cone biopsy to ensure they have removed it all.

Take Care.

Charlene xx