Doctor wants to examine cervix after smear test - cant stop worrying


i had my first smear test last Monday (I'm 33, feel stupid I have always put it off). The test was ok but I bled a bit and the nurse said dot be surprised when I get the results if I'm called back for another test and she tried her best but may not have got enough cells. I asked her if I should be worried and she said no she hadn't seen anything to be concerned, she asked if I bled after sex which I don't and she said that was good.

i haven't got my results back yet but I received a letter today from docs and doc said the nurse had popped in to see her after I had gone and  got her advice about the bleeding and the doc would like to see me to examine my cervix to make sure it looks normal. I rang up and I have an appointment for this Friday afternoon but I'm worried sick- why have they called me in before I've even got my results? Did the nurse see something worrying? How will the doctor examine my cervix? I feel so stupid for not having a test done before now.

Hiya, I am in exactly the same position as you. I had my smear test done and the nurse did  warn me that I bled slightly and that I may be called back for another one and that there is nothing to worry about. She said I have a cervical ectropion and this is farirly common and nothing to worry about.  I have been called back for another one which I shall be doing again shortly but its pretty normal to have this done.They may have sent you for a colposcopy just to have a closer look at your cervix, it does not mean that there is anything untoward going on it just means they want to look closer to make sure that's all

Thank you Beckster for your reply :-). I'm just concerned the doctor would like to see me before I have my results back, and at the smear test the nurse had said when I asked what happens if the results show bad results she said I would be given an appointment at hospital for a colposcopy just because they have much bigger ones there so can see clearer... so I don't know why the doctor wants to check me? I'm so worried because I haven't had one before now, I regret that so much now!



I had the same at my smear test - the nurse said that I had bled a little and dont worry if i receive a letter in the post but to ensure if i did to attend the apt.

I was invited for a colp 5 days after my smear this colp was 6 weeks later. I had biopsys taken but nothing else.

She has done the right thing in referring what you said to a GP, they have a duty of care and seeing as you mentioned it she has done the right thing.

you are in safe hands, try not to worry if you can !