Doctor says it takes only 2 weeks to heal from LEEP

Hi ladies, 

Just looking for some perspective. It's been a tough summer, starting with my abnormal pap in June and having to switch doctors twice since then (I moved and the first doctor in my city didn't have an opening anytime soon to perform LEEP under anesthesia, which he recommended for me because I have anxiety). 

Anyway, both doctors—the one that gave me the colp and the one who will be performing my LEEP—said two weeks is the recovery time. This is contrary to literally everything I've read, which says 4-6 weeks. I still plan to avoid swimming and sex for at least 4 weeks, though. I'm just a little taken aback. Could it be because of the type of procedure I'm getting? I have CIN2 on the outside of my cervix at 6'oclock. Maybe they're saying this because they don't expect to go that deep?

My biggest source of anxiety (besides the C word obviously) is that my husband and I are going on a Hawaiin cruise for two weeks and leaving exactly a month after my procedure. We booked this more than a year ago and have no plans to cancel or anything. I'm just worried about how I'm going to feel. We're supposed to be doing all kinds of hiking and water excursions and I'm afraid I'm going to instead be miserable in our windowless cabin. I expressed this to her though and she said I'd be fine. We're just doing the post-opp appointment a little earlier than usual (2 weeks after instead of 4).

Did anyone actually heal within this time frame? I know it depends on the person, but is there a chance this trip won't be miserable for me?

I had LLETZ 2 weeks ago and feel absolutely fine.  It depends on the person but I would think you will be fine to whatever you please on your holiday.

Hi Hun, please don't worry, I know everyone is different but I was healed after 1 week. Felt totally fine.


good luck xx

Recovery varies but I think they usually say 4-6 weeks because that is how long it usually takes the cervix to fully heal. That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't feel better before then. In my case, I'd say my energy increased greatly between 2 and 3 weeks after. Many are just fine earlier.  At your post-op you can even ask the doctor about how your cervix appears to be healing and if you have any other concerns. 

Hi Anicoled,

I hope you are well.

Recovery time varries and it depends on many things I believe. I was also told 4-6weeks.

I have CIN3 and had my op almost a month ago. 

Am still feeling slightly on the exhausted side and still have discharge, but am looking forward to my hols in 3weeks time. 

I was worried like you in case the recovery is slower and it effects my hols, but I think by the time you are off, you should  be healed completely or barely have any symptoms.  

The holiday is exactly what you need. X

That's great to hear, thanks!

Thank you! I hope you continue to heal and enjoy your holiday as well

Hi guys

I have had leetz done for cn3 the 17th of jan 18 so its been a couple of weeks but last week i had sex and have had a slight bit of bleeding as when i wipe myself nothing major and a little bit of pain down there  is this normal to happen and should i have waited longer ???