doctor saw something at my routine smear!! petrified

Hi I am writing this after absolutely no sleep following my routine smear yesterday. To let you into the picture. I have been having bleeding after Sex and between periods for sometime now. I was refered to gym in October and she doctor said everything looked ok. The bleeding continued. I went for my routine smear and the nurse said she could not find my cervix and had a very worried look on her face. She went away to get the gp who came in and looked at said " is that what you can see " the nurse nodded and the gp asked me to get dressed and come to her office. There she told me something didn't look normal I was so shocked I didn't think to even ask. I was handed a leaflet and told to call a central re feral unit for an urgent gyn appointment. 


I went home and felt inside my vagina myself and I can feel a large mass near my cervix that feels like it is attached to the vagina wall. It also had a foul smell. 


I have not slept a wink. 


Has anyone had anything similar 

Yes! Very similar, I just posted asking for info too. my appointment for hospital on Tuesday and its scared the heck out of me too. Perhaps this is normal procedure now? X 

Do u have a growth too? And sorry but foul discharge. I literally have not slept in nearly a week and I still don't even have a hospital appointment xxx

Hi Sjscot,

I too was found to have a mass on examination. The GP was much clearer for me as to what she had found so fortunately didn't have to check for myself. How scary for you to have found that for yourself. I've had an abnormal, slightly unpleasant discharge for several weeks (that's why I went to the GP). I don't understand how things work where you are as from reading your post you have been told to ring for your own appointment. My GP referred me and I had initial appointment within the week (was told urgent referrals can take 2 weeks) and have another appointment this Wednesday (2 weeks later) for biopsy. I know different areas work differently but if I was in your position I would chase that appointment. Waiting I'm told is the hardest part, I can't disagree.

I wish you the best of luck.

Rachel x

Hi Rachel


Well I have my colposcopy tomo and I have to say I am terrified. I very much doubt I will eat or sleep today :-( xx