Doctor said they found cancerous cells in my wife's cervix. Left before they could give her a diagnosis or further testing

Hello, my wife found out today that she may have cervical cancer, but she is too afraid to follow up with the doctor for testing. Please help me try to convince her to go back. She keeps telling me that she doesn't want to know. So far there as been nothing I can say to change her mind. How can I convince her to go back? Please help I'm f**king scared and devastated right now.


Sorry to hear that your wife & you have had this news. It's a very frightening time & keeping your head is paramount in helping her deal with it.

I was diagnosed Nov 2015 with Stage 2b CC & my whole world started spinning. No-one wants to hear the news but it cannot be ignored. She will be having 1000's of thoughts, mainly bad but that's because of lack of knowledge. 

All you can do is ask her what she is thinking/feeling. Be aware that she is going to be feeling confused, lonely & very very scared. You cannot make the decision for her to go back to the docs but you need to talk about how important it is to go & find out the actual diagnosis and that you will be there every step of the way. 

Did the doctor give you any leaflets to take away or contact numbers to ring for advice? Maybe ask your GP to ring & speak to your wife? 

There are lots of fabulous ladies on here that will be able to give you advice & support. There is a section for partners so maybe they may have some ideas & different advice as they are dealing with their own fears & worries. I know my husband is terrified at times, angry & sometimes in total disbelief that it has happened to me but we just made a pact to say whatever we needed to say & not bottle anything up. 

I hope I have helped a little. Please keep in touch & let me know how you & your wife get on. Good Luck & pass on a hug and let her know we are here for her if she wants to ask questions, rant or have a good moan. 

Take Care



Hello sweetheart :-)

This is such a scary time for you both, I remember that my husband was absolutely terrified that he might lose me to this disease. Cancer is a very, very scary word. However, the good news is that cervical cancer is very treatable, very curable, and mostly the treatment is very doable and not really difficult at all. I would imagine that if your wife fears returning to the doctor it is because she is scared of horrible treatment and also that the treatment might fail and have been a waste of time and effort. Not so! Not so at all! She might even get away with a really minor procedure called LLETZ.

We are all here for you and for her. Even if you cannot find the words yourself to convince her otherwise, please try to get her to have a look at this forum and see how many of us are bouncing around, fit and healthy, with a new joy for life we would never had thought imaginable when we were first diagnosed.



I have messaged you


I'm sorry to hear this. You have come to completely the right ace for support though and the fab ladies on here while help in any way possible. If your wife could find her way here too, there will much love and many shoulders for her. 

The others have pretty much covered what I wanted to say so I won't repeat it.

You have both had huge news today and it takes time to absorb. Give it a few days or so and then see if between you, you can agree to go and hear what the drs say and make choices from there. 

. Its hard I know, we were at this point last year, there is no sign of my stage 3, 6 months after treatment ( which really isn't as awful as it sounds) 

Like Tivoli said, its is very treatable and there are plenty of stories on here of hope and success. 

Best wishes to you both. 

We are always here xx





I'm so sorry to hear this .

please tell her that cervical cancer is one of the most curable cancers but she needs to do something now.

I got diagnosed with Cervical cancer in December and at first felt like hiding under the duvet, hoping for it to go away. But the. After giving myself this time to absorb it felt more accepting of it .

you sound very supportive !


we are now seeing the end of my cancer with radio and chemo done as a precaution but soon I will not have cancer anymore . It does have an end.

how is she now ?

thinking of you x