Doc cancelled colposcopy:-(

I am a 43 year old woman who has never had an “abnormal” pap smear. I am also 8 years post menopause. There were no apparent health reasons for my early menopause but it does run in my family. I had a pap done in October of 2013 that was normal and one done in December of 2015. My pap came back “abnormal” with atypical squamous cells. I was also tested for HPV which came back positive for HPV 18. My doctor’s office called with my results within a week and scheduled my for a colposcopy on Jan 25th (one month from positive results). However my doctor’s office just called today to cancel my colposcopy and wants to see me sooner to discuss “treatment options”. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have had symptoms such as spotting,(especially after intercourse), pain during intercourse and pelvic and lower back pain. These symptoms can also be menopause related. I did ask the MA if I should be worried and she hesitated with saying “Don’t worry too much but I suggest you keep this appointment”.

Another thing…My results read negative for epithelial lesions and malignancy, Other

Any help or advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATed

Hi I also had early menopause about 8 years ago and never had an abnormal result before now. Similar symptoms to you. I'm going in next week for lletZ for cin3. I'm not able to give you any advice, just wanted to give you a message of support. Hope everything goes ok X

Thank  you so much for your support.  Good luck with your procedure and I hope for a healthy outcome.  After researching online I feel this may be a uterine problem vs. a cervical.  Of course I am not a doctor but just the cancellation of the colposcopy which is based on cervical issues makes me steer in this direction.  I go on Thursday for consult with OB/Gyn and will post the outcome of my appointment. One more question, were you positive for the HPV virus?  Thanks again

Went in for my appointment and was told by MA that the OB was going to go ahead and do colposcopy. The OB stated cells were unable to be compared to other cells by the lab so she basically had nothing to go on.  She said things "looked normal" but did submit another speciman for pap and a biopsy.  Will find out results in 2 weeks.  This waiting game it terrible!