Do you think they know?

Hi all,

Firstly - I'm sorry for all of my posts.

I spoke to the CN yyesterday after leaving her a tearful voice mail explaining that I feel totally in the dark. She called back and told me they are having the team meeting on Monday so will know more then. I can eother have her tell me on the phone (I'm waiting to find out what stage) or she can make an appointment with the dr that week. I've already decided to get told over the phone as I cannot deal with the waiting anymore. Question is, do you think they'll know what syage it is before Monday?  I am obviously nervous but also convinced of the worst and can't keep it together.  I don't want to be a nuisance to them but if they know I want to know!


Hi I'm so sorry you are in the waiting we all say but it IS  the worst bit. Unfortunately not one doctor decides your stage I was originally told 1b2 with lymph node involvement then after the mdt where they all discussed it I was later told it was stage 2b very early but none the less it had invaded the parametrium. They all look at images, dimensions etc and make a collective decision so you won't get an absolute final decision until after that even if they thought right now it could change so you are better to wait as hard as it is.


Take care


Hi Sweetpea, I completely understand where you are coming from, the waiting is horrid. I would think that the meeting they are having on Monday is what they call an MDT meeting, this is when lots of different specialists sit round a table (oncologist, gynae oncologists, radiologist, CNS etc) and discuss individual cases and look at scans together in minute detail and come up with a plan of action and agree a stage. Depending on what investigations you've had they may have an idea but will want to wait until the meeting on Monday to be sure. 

Keep yourself busy and try to do some fun things. Believe me I know it feels like a lifetime away but Monday will be here soon enough.

Big hugs Rachel x

Thanks so much both of you.  I guess I just have to be patient! 

A lot of pain In my groin today which is new :( x

Big hugs again. You know I'm sure when we are as stressed as we are you can think any pain is related the oncologist nurse said to me that it's v common and we all get aches and pains. try to watch a film or something to keep mind busy xxx

Hi all. I don't really come on here a lot as I'm trying to get on with my life but I wanted to say that the waiting is the pits. Every little ache pain is a fear of it spreading but believe me it isn't. The nights were the worst for me as all my family were asleep I was wide awake wondering about the future. Here I am thought nearly two years down the line and I feel great. I'm loving life and enjoying things I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before the cancer ie (camping lol). It's the worst time waiting on test results and wondering what treatment you will be receiving but it does get easier believe me. I wish you all the best love lea xxx

Thanks sarah. I realised it hurt when I was thinking about things...when I had some time not thinking about it it didn't hurt!


Lea I appreciate you taking the time to comment...I hole I can come back here in the future and write a positive post to others too xx

The waiting is the worst but they wont be able to tell you till they had there MDT.  If your struggling try ralking to someone or as other people say keep busy

Thanks Sally x