Do you get scanned during treatment?

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing good? I was just wondering if you got scanned during treatment to see how you were responding? I have received a letter from the hospital for an MRI scan 5 days before my treatment ends is that to do with the brachytherapy? I if any 1 could shed some light I would be grateful. 




Hi Dominique

Hope you treatment is going OK ..... and you are taking things easy ......

I had an MRI and CT scans as part of the brachy treatment.  Both were after they had positioned the rods to check the positioning and calculate the dosage levels.

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Hi Tracey been a bit sickly and tired but other than That ok I guess. Hope your doing good Hunni. Do you think that's what my MRI scan is for because my timetable doesn't have a date on for brachytherapy so I don't no when I'm actually starting it? I need to ask more questions when I see a medical person! When I was diagnosed I never stopped asking questions! But now I'm scared for the answers! Xx


It could be - my brachy was timetabled after I was given the initial treatment schedule and my radio review specialist gave me the dates and an updated printout.  

Maybe ask at your weekly review, or maybe ask the guys at the reception desk in radiotherapy for an updated list of appointments - those at the hospital I went too were really helpful.  

Glad you are doing ok.  Remember to tell the medical guys if you still feel sick after taking the meds as there are several and different ones, and work differently for different people.  

Take care



Thanks Tracey I'm on my 2nd lot of different ones. I have a meeting with the doctor on Thursday so will ask her. Thanks again xx

Good luck......  hope the pills work xxx


Thank you xx


I found I asked some questions at first, then only high priority ones for awhile, now I am back to asking questions again but not if I am not ready to receive the answer.

My team knew I wanted to focus on healing, not on things that might get me to dwell on things that could take me down. So they worked with my personality. And I am healing.

Everybody is different, so do what you feel is best for your body - not for someone else.

Hugs, Katie


Thanks katie xx