Do I need to do regular colposcopy? And what else I should do?

Hi all, I’m 29 and it’s 3 years I’m HPV + (high risk type) at first I had 2 type and now just 1 left (type 52)
I did regular smear every 6 months +hpv test and 2 years ago I did colposcopy+ samples (diagnosed with CIL1 or low grade changes)
I took 3 dose of the gardasil 9 vaccine and my doctor just said stay calm, take immune system vitamins, vitamin C and D.

Now wanna know if I need to do regular Colposcopy too? Last one was 2 years ago go and my doctor doesn’t request that anymore.

And for CIP1 do I need to do any removal of the abnormal cells? Or sth like that? Or any treatment?

Thanks for your answers.