Do I have early stage cervical cancer?

Name is Elizabeth and I am going crazy researching and trying to find answers since I just received results after an abnormal pap and colposcopy/biopsy. I am so happy I came across this and now I can talk with yall about whats been going on and feel some ease in this situation.

I went in for a check up/ pap smear a few weeks ago and needed to tell the doctor about some pain I’ve been experiencing for a little over months on my left “ovary region”. (Best way to describe where it is). It is sensitive to the touch. The doctor insisted it was a cyst and that I could have an ultra sound done to make sure it’s not an abnormal cyst.

I had my last pap smear for the IUD about a year ago and this information is all within the last month

Fast forward; I get a call that I had an abnormal pap and then on top of that I tested positive for HPV Type 16 and that I needed to have a colposcopy done the following week.

My questions are; During the colpo my doctor said I had two areas that she would take a biopsy from. my “5 oclock and 2 oclock”. During the biopsy when she took a sample from my 2 oclock area it was exactly the location of where the pain I’ve been experiencing is. I was told to sit up and there was blood everywhere.

I MEAN EVERYWHERE. It looked as if I had a water bottle of blood and put it all over the floor below and even some on the table under me. I was embarrassed and I asked if I had started my period. “No” was her answer.

She then told the nurse to schedule me for a appointment to come in to talk about my treatment options. I knew she could tell I have been worried and wanting some sort of answers. She promised she would have nurse call me in a week when my results came back if it was indeed cancer or worse. Otherwise if it wasn’t I would just come in to my scheduled appointment.

FAST FORWARD; I get a call a week before my scheduled appointment and was told my oclock area (not the exact area of pain I’ve been experiencing like my oclock area) is mild. However, my oclock area is both low grade and high grade. I was positive (I believe that’s how she presented it to me, cant fully remember because I was so nervous getting a call) for adenocarcinoma in situ. The nurse also said the doctor wanted me to come in and she wanted to talk/explain things to me and my treatment options. As well as," I have a referral to a Pathologist and a Dysplasia meeting on the following week."

Mind you, I didn’t know what that word even meant at first. So I research the word and find out it is. All I see on google is, “early stage cervical cancer”

WITH THAT SAID… When my husband asks what my results were on the phone. Do I say, “cervical cancer”? Is that what I have and does that mean I will be fighting cancer?

I have read so much and it’s 50/50. Some say its,“precancerous” and some say it’s "just abnormal cells and not even considered cancer while others say it is “cervical cancer”.

I’ve read treatment options such as Leep, freezing the uterus , cone biopsy and simple hysterectomy.

I have 2 babies that I have been blessed with. I want another with my newly husband but he as well as I want to ensure I never have “full blown” cervical cancer and risk my life in hopes of saving my fertility.

SIDE NOTE: Cancer runs heavy on both end of my family. My mother was diagnosed with very aggressive kidney cancer at 8 and was given 3 months to live. BUT HERE I AM!

Thank you for reading all of this as I am seriously desperate for some answers.