Do I have cervical cancer?

Hi ladies, I’m only 24 and very confused/scared about what’s going on. I had a smear which came back with high dyskaryosis (severe) 23/10/15, I went for my colposcopy 11/11/15 where the doctor confirmed I will need to go under general anaesthetic due to the area being quite big. I then went for LLETZ treatment 19/11/15, where the doctor said she has removed a substantial amount of cells to send to the lab for a biopsy as she was concerned it had gone past the pre-cancerous stage. I am now having an MRI scan this Friday 27/11/15. Does this mean I have CC? Sorry if I’m being thick but am I cin2 or 3? No one has really told me much as I feel they are trying to protect me but that doesn’t help me in any way! Fingers crossed…

Hi there.  I'm sorry you are in this position, it sounds like a very stressful time and it can't be helped by the fact you have very little information.  When did they book the MRI for you?  When did they mention it?  Was it during your Lletz or have you been imofrmed about the MRI via letter since then?  If so, what does the letter say?

N x

I think if your consultant has said she is concerned it has gone past the precancerous stage and has booked you for an MRI her suspicions are that you have cancer.

But these are suspicions, which the biopsy results and MRI will confirm one way or another. You ask if you are CIN2 or 3. This is what the biopsy is for. The doctors experience can count for a lot but without a hispology report they cannot say for sure (Unless a cancerous tumour is clearly visible to the naked eye and even then they would need to biopsy)

The fact that she could not say for sure after examination is a good sign.

It means that IF it is cancer it will be at very early stages and very treatable. I would ring the department, explain your confusion and concerns and ask if there is a nurse who can meet you on Friday when you go in for your MRI.

Wishing you the best of luck.

They're probably being cautious But I can understand why you're scared. Perhaps give them a call and ask if they can explain things to you. Good luck x

I got the call for the appointment yesterday no letter as of yet! However the doctor did mention a possible MRI or CT scan after I had my LLETZ to see if anything is happening anywhere else. My results are on high importance as I go travelling in 6 weeks so I was told I will have my biopsy results on 01/12/15 when the doctor will call me with what she has found. Fingers crossed I suppose. Thanks for your reply x 

Thanks for your reply I'm guessing I will just have to wait and see, I'm lucky I only have to wait till 01/12/15 for my biopsy results as I go travelling in 6 weeks (if I can still go). Your story sounds so complicated I don't know what half of those words mean! I will read your blog now maybe I will do one myself sounds like a good way to vent! Fingers crossed for both of Us! X

Thanks Hun, hopefully will have all results on 01/12/15! Good luck for the 2nd I still haven't had much pain so don't worry about the procedure! Keep me posted! X