Do I have cervical cancer? Confused

In September 2015 my pap smear result was asc-h. Colposcopy impression was high grade but biopsies were inflammatory changes, so we done 6 month follow up pap and colposcopy, the Dr’s impression was still the same and they said I will need treatment. I went in yesterday and they said no treatment, I have chronic inflammation of the cervix. She gave me a copy of the report and a test to check p16 and ki-67 are still pending. But then today I got my pap smear registry results and my pap was normal but this is my biopsy results.
The result was technically described as : cervix uteri (exocervix and endocervix ).
Uterine cervix inflammation, NOS/ inflammatory reaction NOS/inflammatory cell infiltration, NOS/inflammatory infiltration NOS/Leukocytic infiltrate NOS.
Cervix uteri ( exocervix and endocervix ) UTERINE CERVIX atypia SUSPICIOUS FOR MALIGNANCY / suspect cell present inflammation NOS/inflammatory reaction NOS/ inflammatory cell infiltration NOS /inflammatory infiltration NOS /LEUCOCYTIC infiltration NOS/ KOILOCYTOSIS ATYPIA NOS/KOILOCYTOSIS NOS.
I guess the uterine cervix atypia suspicious of malignancy is something but then again the next part could mean they ruled jt out?

A: 6 O'clock one mucosal fragment 5mm. EIT. Cervical Protocol. B: 1 O'clock cerv biopsy: one mucosal fragment 4mm. EIT Cervical Protocol. Marco Description by Hamilton, Jon.Macroscopic Examination. A. Sections at levels demonstrate squamocolumnar junction. The stratified squamous epithelium has been extensively detached from the inflamed stroma. Much of the congested and inflamed stroma is devoid of an epithelial covering. There is no evidence of of dysplasia, nor is there convincing evidence of a HPV cytopathic effect.B. Sections of inflamed squamocolumnar junction show focal squamous epithelial change which is suggestive, but not diagnostic of HPV-associated koilocytosis. Focal basal and para basal nuclear hyperchromasia is seen, but this is in an area of focally incomplete squamous metaplasia. There is no unequivocal dysplastic change. The columnar epithelium is within normal limits. The atypical epithelium appears to be confined within the biopsy margins. Inmunohistochemistry .P16 and Ki-67 immunstrains have been requested. An addendum report will be issued upon their completion. This is the histology report my dr gave me a copy of. I'm lost, confused and scared that I have cancer and I won't find out for a year until my next pap


Phew!  Unless you're a medical chick I don't know how you're supposed to make useful sense out of it.  Call your doctor and ask her to explain exactly what's going on in simple lay man's terms that you thoroughly and completely understand. If she can't or doesn't ask her to refer you to someone who can. It's a total nonsense that you haven't had your report explained.

I'm with you - anytime I see "malignancy" I worry.  It does only say suspicious and there is a helluva lot of unknowns going on.  Hopefully, your biopsy results will give you a clear picture. 

Good luck.

What a heap of gobbledy-gook! :-) Totally guessing here; tests for P16 and Ki-67 have been requested and I suspect that therein lies the answer. You can rest assured that if cancer is detected, you will not be left to languish for a year and that if cancer is not detected, they will keep an eye on you.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for the replies.  

I just don't understand why the gynecologist said it was just chronic inflammation and no treatment,  just a pap smear in a year. To be honest,  I have no idea whatthe two other tests are for but I'm guessing cancer. I'm going to see if my general practitioner will refer me to a private gyno for a second opinion.  I'm a mum of 3 so I need to know what I'm facing and deal with it so I can be the mum my children need, you know the saying " a healthy mum, is a happy mum. My health is important for them, if I didn't have them, then I probably wouldn't be dwelling on it. The stress is affecting everything I do. I'm glad I come here instead of google

Hi there.

Do you mean HGSIL and not PHGSIL? HGSIL means you have precancerous squamous cells hanging out on your cervix. Although these precancerous cells can be mild, moderate or severe, if it's called HGSIL it means they are moderate or severe precancerous cells. Just because they are precancerous does not mean they will turn into cancer. I think, although I really don't know so please bear that in mind, many docs will want to do a LEEP/LETZ to get rid of them. You could browse the forum to see what treatment other women have had for the same thing. If it's not HGSIL ie the precancer cells are mild, maybe the treatment is to just keep an eye on you with your annual check ups and see whether they stay mild, progress or just sort themselves out by themself.

The Ki-67 and p16 are markers that will identify the status of your abnormal cells. I think, and again, bear in mind I am no doctor, that the tests will classify your cells and then your doc will know how to treat you. Here in the US, if you are classified CIN2 or CIN3, the docs always do some kind of removal - LEEP>LETZ etc. If it's CIN1 I don't believe they do anything apart from keeping a close eye on it- 6 monthly or yearly scans.

Wait until you get your results and then you'll know where you are. I know it's hard to wait. However, it's hard to see how you could be anything other than the earliest of early, even if your results are CC. Docs can treat early stages really easily and then you;ll be good to go. 

I don't know that I'd bother with a second opinion yet. You need the biopsy results first and you've already got those coming. Another doctor is probably going to order the same tests and you'll have to wait for those.  Once you have your biopsy results you could see someone else if you want to compare treatment options.

I hope this helps.  I'm loafing around at the moment recovering from a hysterectomy so just did a little research for you. Maybe someone who has experience of HGSIL/marker tests will jump in.

Hi all.. i dont know what to say as I am so confused. I had spotting scince the 1st and on one occasion intense lower back pain.. i had a bleeding in and out for past 8-9 months be it after sex the bleeding or spotting would continue through out the week and my periods wer more heavy and longer lasting...with a mild back pain i also sweat alot at night having me to wake up and change my top.. i thought it was cause of my c-section so i went docs on 24/05/2016 who did an internal and smear everything looked ok. Still time going on it's getting worse i started getting heavy clots on 14/10/16 then heavy bleeding two days later leaving me hald paralized with the intense back pain n pain in my scar sharp pain at im having episodes of faint breathing where it feels like im gasping for air the minute i close my eyes..i was so scared today for the first time letting my husband near me thinking if its good for me or him thinking if its going to be painful or i might bleed a lot...went to give bloods on 19/10/16 results came as low iron so am going with my mum to see docs on monday.. and as av read most posts regarding cervical cancer its making me more and more scared that I actually have it reason being is everything the women talk about i have the same i am going to docs again for help...