Do bad results always come back quickly?


I had my colposcopy and LLETZ procedure two weeks ago today.  I already know that there was CGIN present but waiting on the biopsy results to get confirmation of exactly what is there/if it is cc.  I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for the results to come through.  I have got it in my head that if the results did show cc that I would actually hear pretty quickly and that it wouldn't take the full 4-6 weeks but I'm not actually basing that on anything other than my own assumptions! I have seen a few people on here saying that they found out quite quickly, i.e. within 2 weeks, when they were diagnosed with cc so a part of me is starting to hope that as it's now been two weeks and I haven't heard anything that it there is only the CGIN present, is this just complete wishful thinking?  Has anyone here who ended up having cc had to wait the full 4-6 weeks to get their results or did you hear faster than that?  I don't actually know anything about the process, my assumption was that your sample for the biopsy would actually be tested quite quickly at the lab and then if it was bad news you would be contacted directly and quickly to progress things and if the results are routine/what they were expecting anyway then they just get put into the system and they will eventually work their way to me in a letter.  Or could it actually be that sometimes your sample doesn't even get looked at in the lab for a few weeks so it could be that mine hasn't even been tested yet and that's why it can take 4-6 weeks? Sorry if none of that actually makes sense.  I keep going round in circles, one minute I've convinced myself that it will all be absolutely fine and that it's just the CGIN there and I'll probably just need another LLETZ as the consultant warned me I might but then I think about it too much and the doubt starts to creep in again! This waiting game is extrememly annoying!! Thanks for reading :) x

Hi Sam,

Your right in thinking that if CC is found from your Lletz they will contact your normally within 2 weeks. You will be priority and they will contact you straight away i know the wait is horrible but the longer the wait the more likely it is to be good news. I had CIN 3 and i waited 4 weeks for the results from my Lletz to be sent to me but the consultant actually got my results within a week they just didn't rush to write out the letter and post it because it was only CIN 3. How long have you been waiting now? xx

Hi Simone

Thanks for replying.  That's good to hear, it is what I was thinking! It's been exactly 2 weeks since the LLETZ now so fingers crossed it's just the CGIN then and I'll just need to wait for my letter! x

I know exactly how your feeling i was the same counting down each day and after the 2 week mark i did start to feel a bit better but only when i got that letter in my hand did i fully relax. You could always ring the clinic just to find out if they have your results back yet i did that and then couldn't tell me the results over the phone but they did tell me they had come back and it was just a case of the letter being typed up. If it was bad news they would ask you to go back in and see them to discuss the results in person. hope this helps xx

Hi Sam

I got told I had cc 10 days after my biopsies were taken.  I've heard too that you get told quicker if it is cc.  Good luck with your results.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Sam I was contacted by telephone 5 days after my biopsy to confirm I had cc. So I would think no news is good news? Good luck anyways with your result xx

Thanks Cheryl and Dominique, thanks for your replies and so sorry you both had a cc diagnosis.  It sounds like my assumptions might hopefully be right then! Will wait until next week and give them a call I think just on the off chance my results are already in the system as it will have been 3 week by then so they might be able to tell me. If not it's just a waiting game for the letter! xx


Just thought I'd give a quick update.  Spoke to the clinic today and my results were in and thankfully it was good news!  Biopsy confirmed the presence of CGIN and they are not sure if the first LLETZ treatment got them all so they want me to have it done again in the next few weeks (was expecting this anyway) but there are no traces of cancer!! So relieved, have been really anxious about it for the last few weeks, feel like I can finally relax now. 

For all those still waiting on results, I hope you get them soon and I hope you get good news too. xx

Hi Sam

That's brilliant news, I'm so so pleased for you.  Go out and celebrate and treat yourself!