Dizzy and lightheaded


I was diagnosed with Stage 2b2 in Feb this year and finished treatment (chemoradiation) at the end of April. PET/CT scan was clear in August but since the beginning of this year (before diagnosis) I have been having episodes of dizziness/lightheadedness, I did mention this to the Dr's when I was having treatment but they were not concerned and said it was unlikely to be linked to my cancer. I'm currently feeling really lightheaded and am really worried that something is wrong with me! But the more I worry the worse I feel so do wonder if it is just anxiety that is making it worse! My Dad has suffered with vertigo for all of his adult life so I suppose this might be linked to that?

Has anyone else felt this way or am I doing mad??



Oh sue,

Ive not hax what uve had but do sufferfrom low blood pressure which makes me feel light headed sometimes so how is ur bp? Unhelpful of dr not to look more closely into...Hope ssomeone can help you 

Xxx dons