My last two messages have gone unanswered as I notice have plenty of others on the forum. This I’m finding is disappointing, frustrating and quite disheartening, I try myself to answer peoples questions if I can although I’m limited in what I know.

I’m guessing most people find their way here at a very scary time of their lives so when you pluck up the courage to post and no one answers it is hard to deal with.

Just a thought, I belong to a photography forum and they have members looking out for unanswered posts to stop people feeling left out or ignored,

I have found a Facebook page which seems quite busy called Cervical Cancer Awareness, it’s a good alternative if your questions are going unanswered on here,



I looked back over your last two posts but Im sorry I don't know how to answer your questions. I just wanted to say I hope everything goes well for you and you get some answers soon. 


Hi Flossypops,

I apologise as I always check the unanswered section but didn't comment as I do not have any info or advice in the area you are unsure so could not answer your questions. 

I hope someone can help you & in future I will comment on someone's post even if I can't help. As you say it's a lonely frightening time & we should let others know they aren't alone & unheard.

Good Luck on your journey


Hi Flossyplops,

Sorry you didn't get any answers to your posts, I can only imagine how worrying it must be not knowing. Having had a quick look, I think it might be that it is something that most of us can't answer. I really have no idea what they would do after repeated inadequte tests, but would think that you would be perfectly entitled to request a full colposcopy for reassurance (I know I would). It might be a good idea to get a medical opinion on what the protocol is, and perhaps post a reply/ update to your original post in case someone comes along with the same question. We are all here to support each other, sorry that you have been disappointed and hope you get reassurance soon x