Disheartened and confused


im new to this forum and also still recovering from a general anaesthetic so sorry if I don't make sense! I'm feeling really confused and have really benefited from reading others experiences. My first smear was normal then I had a smear in 2013 showing severe CIN 3 so I had laser treatment under general anaesthetic in May 2014 (because I'm a baby but also because I have a double uterus and double cervix so have to have 2 smears one on each side and it's difficult for them to see properly unless I'm under ga). Had a follow up smear in nov 2014 and they said they thought I had low grade CIN 1 still but the smear results came back CIN 3 again! So just had another general anaesthetic this week with laser treatment and have been told already that they don't think the next smear will come back normal. I'm worried they are missing something. I'm confused. I'm stressed! I don't have any children yet and I'm worried about the next step :( I'm positive for hpv

I too have your condition.. I was diagnosed this year and trying to come to terms with everything but am learning to live with it.. At my last appointment I asked the consultant to perform a smear on both cervix.. After many years of clear smears my dominant cervix which is the right one came back as cin 3.. I then had a colposcopy performed. Was uncomfortable but was prepared to endure any pain to get it done and dusted.. Unfortunately results came back opposite to my first diagnosis so have to get it repeated.. Trying not to get frustrated about it.. But it just seems like one thing after another.. How did you get on? Would love to hear from you?