Hi,I was wondering if anyone has experienced an abnormal smear (high grade) and normal colposcopy (nothing found)
I’m so worried, what’s going to be next

Hi, I too have had a high grade severe smear result with high risk hpv to then be told no abnormalities found at coploscopy, then my letter to my gp said low grade found at colposcopy, they had a mismatch meeting on 1st May to discuss the discrepancies, and said that I may need a let’s under general anaesthetic. I have not heard anything yet and I’m going out of my mind, try to keep it off my mind but some days it’s near impossible. I just need to know the outcome of the meeting and if they are doing the lletz as I think this is the only thing which will put me at ease. I’m scared they won’t to a lletz and miss something higher up. Have they sugggested any further treatment for you?

Hi, no not treatment yes, my appointment is next week, I don’t know what they’re going to say

Hopefully you will get more answers at your appointment. I’ve been on the phone to them today and I now have to wait till 5th june as I wasn’t discussed on 1st May due to review of smear not being available. I’m so down about it. You’ll have to let me know how you get on x

I had this please search my story “misdiagnosis investigation” I still have had no bad cells found on biopsy’s or colposcopy just the smear! but I have had a negative hpv smear since my lletz treatments so try not to worry (I know that’s impossible). I would check exactly what abnormal cells they found on your smear, as they can tell if these are from the out side or inside of cervix, which in turn gives different protocols for them to follow x

Hi, do you think the lletz cleared your hpv?