Discrepancy with smear,colposcopy, loop

Hi guys, I'm new on here today but was looking for some advice as every time I Google it directs me to this page. So here goes. 

Had first smear at 25 - fine 

Second smear 28 - abnormal cells back in 6 months

6 months later  abnormal again 

Missed appointment re-booked 09/05/2017

Abnormal again so referred to local hospital for colposcopy  13/06/2017 then had the loop excision done 08/08/2017 which showed low grade, an a small area of the high grade. The doctor seemed confident she removed. But I've had a letter this morning saying because of the discrepancies with my results they have listed my case for routine discussion at one of there forthcoming colposcopy specialist meetings. I phoned to see if I could get anymore information but was only told that it would be Monday my case is discussed. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been in this position. I don't understand how they can have different results also if anyone has been in this position what happened next? Thanks  :) 

Hi! I googled as well with the same question and saw this. Did you get an explanation? Hope you are all ok now!