Discrepancy between smear & biopsys and VAIN question

Afternoon ladies

Well after a high grade smear result in September, subsequent colposcopy where the consultant said he could not treat there and then as area was too large - that I’d need to go to Leicester to have treatment under GA and totally clear biopsy results - I finally had my second colposcopy with the Leicester consultant on Thursday. I was quite reassured as he said although will need treatment under GA and so they can have a good look - it doesn’t look too serious.

He has said he wants to get the biopsy results from the referring hospital to be analysed again at Leicester - but I’m thinking if the biopsy was clear surely the smear was skewed? Has anyone else had experience of this? They weren’t punch biopsys by the way - they used the loop to do them.

They do seem to be looking into things quite thoroughly which again is a reassurance. He said under GA they will remove larger biopsy and he will laser some affected areas on the vaginal wall. If it’s on the vaginal wall is this VAIN???

Would really appreciate if anyone could help with my questions.

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GGrrr I typed a reply and for some reason it didnt send....

I dont know if you have vain. The classification for vaginal cancer is really strict. If the cervix or vulva is involved it cannot be called vaginal cancer, if ths is the same for VAIN i'm not sure.

If abnormal cells had been found on your vaginal wall and you had no cervix then yes that would be called vain.Vain is rare, there are only 2 of us on here that I know of that have it. Myself and Nemo. I have a cervical cancer history but Nemo doesnt. 

If you think I can answer anything feel free to ask. My blog has a fair bit about vain on it.

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365 is right, I think we r the only VAIN gals here! I don't have cervical cancer history but do have an 11 yr history of CIN2/3... Which thankfully is gone (for now!) I thought any neoplasia on the vaginal wall was classed as VAIN but 365 knows more than me about it. 

I had laser to remove the VAIN but it didn't work and I'm waiting to hear from a specialist centre about the next step. It's a bugger to get rid of. As for your smear result not matching with biopsy result I think that's quite common from what I've read on here?

Thank you for your replies ladies. Hopefully when the letter comes for surgery it will tell me a bit more. I have had history of some type of cin years ago - I mean years ago lol - it was treated by laser when I was in early twenties (am 44 now). But was so long ago I can't remember what grade. 

Have read your blog before 365 - left me feeling muchis admiration and also made me laugh! Very plucky lady. 

Nemo he did say they would treat that part by laser but there was no guarantee it wouldn't come back...