Discrepancy between results

Hi everyone,
First time posting. But I recently had my second smear and biopsy, after having CIN3 reported at my last biopsy last year. No treatment but my results have come back with high grade changes in my smear but mild changes in my biopsy. Can someone please explain this to me? Is it possible to go from CIN3 to CIN1 without treatment or is this more likely an error? Also what does the term ‘changes’ actually mean lol? Changed from last year or changes from what a ‘normal’ cell should look like?
Thank you all!

Didn’t want to read and run - can’t comment on the smear being high grade and biopsy only mild. But the changes i do believe refers to the changes from what normal cells look like.

Slightly similar situation with results different from smear and colposcopy, smear stated low grade changes but during colposcopy nothing showed up so i’m currently waiting to speak to the doctor to see what the next steps are in finding where the cell changes are coming from hopefully🤞🏻

Have you found out what the next step is for you? will you be monitored or have treatment or anything?

Ah right, I think the whole thing a little confusing tbh honest, feel like I wrap my head round it and then two months later when the results come back I’ve forgotten it all!
Not sure on next steps, the letter I received just said that a board will meet to discuss results and then I’ll hear back. So I guess more waiting :frowning:

it’s just a never ending cycle of waiting for tests, waiting for results and then still being unsure of what it means! Do keep this updated as to what the outcome of the meeting is, although i would take some comfort in knowing that the biopsy which is what i thinks the most accurate test was only mild(CIN 1).

If you don’t mind me asking, when you had your smear/biopsy last year what was the original smear results? and how long before you had your second smear/biopsy?

Hiya, thanks so much for your support :slight_smile: I am going in for LLETZ today