Discordance between cervical biopsy and cervical conization (negative cone)

Hi all, I am 47 years old. I am sharing my experience with atypical cells and my prayers go out the everyone on the site.

My paps have always been normal. I did make the mistake of going 7 years without a pap.

My most recent pap report date on  4/24/19 was abnormal (ASC-US) and an infection.

I went for my colposcopy 5/9/2019. I was fine but  3 days later I did experience heavy bleeding (I also ran on the treadmill and wondered if it was the cause), this was 2 weeks after my period. I went in the office and the doc painted the area and the bleeding stopped. The doc said the colposcopy made me start my period.

5/24/19 Colposcopy report: diagnosis Suspcious for AIS additional sampling requested. The doc called me in, he said the pathologist actually called him and said it was Adencarcinoma even the report was not confirmatory. He questioned my bleeding on account of the report.

6/4/19 I did the cone surgery, cold knife. Everything came out clear, no cancer and no precancer. Prior to the surgery the doc said he did not think I had cancer because my paps had been normal up until April. I went this week and the doc is letting one more pathologist take a look at all labs to be certain nothing was overlooked. The doc did also say What If? What if the colposcopy removed the cancer? Idk That does not seem likely to me.

This is quite puzzling, I am keeping the faith. In the mean time I have found studies and statistics with similar circumstances. I am very glad I did the conization, my first instinct was to get another colposcopy before the cone, but it all worked out.  The site has been helpful. I do know I will definitley require more tests if the doc suggests a hysterectomy. Any tips are helpful.

Sending prayers to everyone

My firt pap after 25 years, I bled more than usual....I was wondering myself if this was normal or not...My pap came back abnormal so I had a colposcopy in beginning of January  and I had a period after about a day or two after...I was suppose to go for a leep due to my diagnosis in February but the cervix was to much damaged so I had a second colposcopy and  biopsies, I also bled again about a day or two after...When I had my cone biopsy, I also had a d & c to clean me out and I asked what if I had a period after again and was told I wouldn't as I had a clean out...I was diagnosed with high grade severe abnormal cells (pre-cancer) and got the all clear with clear margins in April. The extra bleeding could be that you need a clean out?  I also notice that my periods aren't as heavy and no intermit bleeding now since they did a clean out. 

Thank you, I will ask about the clean out my first time to hear about it.  Great news about the clear margins.

The second pathologist found adenocarcinoma in situ, in 2 of 11 sections, he took 38 slides