Discoloured cervix

I’m new to this forum. I had a colposcopy Aug 2020 showed CIN 1 and to be redone in 12months. Which has come and gone with no appointment & hospital saying they are backlogged.
In the last 3 months I have had changed, discomfort, changing discharge, bad smell, spotting. Had a couple of antibiotics but no resolution.
Saw GP on Friday and she said there was discolouration in my cervix??! And that if the swab came back clear that would mean I needed to be seen my the hospital sooner??
The swab is back and clear, and now I’m really stressed. I something isn’t right and hasn’t been for a while but the fact that there is no infection showing is making me think something else is wrong down there.
Am I just going insane to be even thinking something serious could be wrong.
Please help!!

Hi Kez

No you’re are going insane. It might be serious and it might not; the fear of the unknown can be agonising as a lot of us on this forum know only too well.

The sooner you know for sure what you are dealing with the better. I’m assuming your GP has or is about to get your hospital appointment brought forward and hopefully you wil have a date in the near future - if you wish you could consider asking for a cancellation appointment to give you a chance of being seen sooner.

Best wishes


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Thank you for your reply☺️

I have a phone call with the GP tomorrow to discuss what the next course of action is.

I was just presuming the swab would show an infection and that would be that but now my mind is racing with all sorts.

Hopefully I can get seen soon :crossed_fingers: x