Discharged with mild changes

Last year was a worrying year for me, i had an abnormal smear, followed up by a gynacology appt where i was told it was probably CC, then a worrying time waiting for MRI results and biopsies and talk of hysterectomy. I then underwent Lleitz for diagnostic purposes, and was releived to find out it was "only" CIN3 and not any worse. Margins were not clear so i was told to come back for further Lleitz in 4 months time. 

I was surprised when i returned that they gave me a smear test, HPV and further biopsy tests instead of further Lleitz at the 4 month stage. So today i got my results letter from that colpolcopy and smear. It showed borderline changes, the biopsy taken wasnt big enough to test and the HPV test didnt show anything of concern. They have told me i am discharged and to have a smear in 3 years through the GP. Bearing in mind what i have been through, this seems a bit odd, surely i should be seen before 3 years. I know it is "only have mild changes" but that means i am not clear! What do you think, should i question this a bit further? 

Yes I think I would. It could be that there is no CiN 3 left as although margins weren't clear, the LLETZ burns some cells away around the site of procedure so could have got them all - I'd definitely ask for a second opinion x