Discharged with CIN1 - now consultant wants a phone consultation

I think I'm over worrying but I'm hoping someone can help me! So I had my first smear done (am only 25) and the results come back high grade abnormal. The consultant said he would like to see me in clinic for treatment, during treatment he showed me that there is a mountain on abnormal cells and he wanted to do a biopsy before considering anything else. 6 weeks later I recieved a letter to say it is CIN1 and they are discharging me and I'm to go back in 1 year for a smear. It has only been 3 months and my consultant has contacted my doctors to book me in for a telephone consultation with him and im unsure on why this would be happening if there was nothing to worry about? 

Thank you so much for reading! And little help :-) x


I’d hope that if there was anything to worry about then they would contact you direct for a face to face meeting?! 

Hopefully it’s nothing too serious.