Discharged from colposcopy

Hi i have been discharged from colposcopy after punch biopsies were all negative and had erosion cauterised. This was on the 7th of Sept and to this day i am still bleeding mildly. It is when i strain that i lose the most s so haven't needed sanitary. I had to have silver nitrate applied last Friday as i was worried about bleeding for so long. This was carried out and i didnt bleed for 24 hours but then the bleeding started up again and i feel back to square one! The advice ive been given is there's possibly an infection causing the bleeding although it isn't smelly and i don't have a temperature. I am due to see consultant in 5 weeks to check that the cautery has healed over the erosion and that it has healed properly i guess? Is bleeding for this length of time normal after a cautery does anyone have any experience? I feel sick early hours of each morning, im not sleeping very well and feel agitated a lot. Im not sure if these symptoms are just anxiety?! Im going back to consultant next Tuesday after telling them i don't have an infection. Im on day 4 of antibiotics as a precaution but don't feel any improvement.