So its been 10 days since my colp +biopsy +cauterization and im wondering what is normal for discharge?

It started off as a yellowish discharge... then came the 'lovely' lumps of what looked like skin but ive since learned was more than likely the stuff they use to cover the wound... now tho, for the past 2 days, its brown... well very dark red... so blood... with little black specks in it!

I didnt recieve any leaflets with information... i was just told to avoid swimming, tampons and sex for 4 weeks and that i might have some bleeding but i didnt expect the bleeding to come a week later... agh!! I had my period the week before my colp and decided not to use tampons then for the first time in forever... so now ive been using sanitary towels for 3 weeks straight and they are starting to drive me a little bit mental.

Anyways, sorry for too much info in this post but just hoping someone out there knows what is 'normal' in these circumstances


i am in the same boat at you. Have been bleeding for what feels like forever and sick of it!

getting a bit sore down there from always being so wet eugh!!

yuck yuck.

really getting to me :-(

im on day 15 and can't tell if I've had my period or not, I had heavy bleeding after they did the treatment and I ended up in a&e as it wouldn't stop. Then it was kinda watery pink until Easter weekend and then it's just been heavy bright red blood with those little funny bits in it and had a couple of big clots too, will it never end :-(

It is normal to have black specks & bleeding within four weeks of treatment is normal I believe. Providing it's not too much. Contact your hospital where you had it done it you're unsure. I think, aslong as discharge isn't smelly, it's usually fine? Would definitely call with anything you are unsure of though. I had infection after lletz and had lots of pain & very smelly discharge. x

I cant even begin to imagine what this is gonna be like if i need the lletz/loop...

I dont think there is an offensive smell... i just finished my antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis the day I had my colp and tbh I cant remember what normal smells like-it took me almost 3 months to actually get the BV treated so its been a while since I actually smelled normal...ick...im thinking i may have just crossed the line with my TMI posts haha. I also stopped taking cerazette recently so its possible that my cycle is a bit messed up at the moment too.

We shall see how the rest of the weekend goes and then off to the docs on monday mornjng again probably!

Thanks for the replies ladies

Luckily mine isn't smelly and the fact it's bright red makes me think it's keeping it clean?! Also we were trying for a baby before so I am not sure when my period was due but it was pretty much any time now, so it could be that.

i had the same thing done in 2008 and remember it bled forever then, I think I'm just more aware of what's going on this time around as the one in 2008 was after my first smear.

the thing that makes it worse is not being able to have a nice bath When I'm feeling horrible!!


Oh i know, id love a bath right now lol!

Im very aware of everything right now too... i usually work abroad and had to postpone my assignment due to this so at the minute my mind doesnt have much else to think about... these results determine if i will have to find a new job and whether or not my relationship will continue as my boyfriend is halfway across the world...

Aw, well fingers crossed it all comes back ok!

i went back to work 3 days after as it was the weekend but I would have preferred longer time off. It's hard though as people start asking questions about where you are and I think it's quite a personal thing for us girls. My office is really small too and people do tend to gossip.

Thanks Piggies... I just got my results of biopsy as 'minor viral changes' i want to do a crazy happy dance now...i dont think anything has ever made me more excited!!!!!