Discharge/spotting after colposcopy

Hi all. I'm brand new to the forum and glad to have found such a supportive community. i went in on last Thursday for a colposcopy. I've had 2 in the past, one with a small biopsy and another where the gyn didn't see anything to sample. Flash forward to last week, my smear was negative but HPV positive so a colposcopy was recommended. 

Doc applied the acetic acid and said everything looked minor. He saw one area and took a "tiny" biopsy. Warned me that I might have a little bleeding and brownish discharge. I stood up to get dressed and blood started dripping on the floor! So I asked the nurse to call the doctor back because it didn't seem right. He came and applied more of the Monsels. Told me not to have sex for a couple of days. Saturday would be ok. Thursday night and Friday there was a little bit of the discharge but nothing at all on Saturday. So I thought it was all good.

on Saturday evening I started to have sex with my boyfriend. It didn't feel right so I ask him to stop. No pain, just weird. Then we noticed that gunk. I had a huge panic attack. Since then, I've had on and off discharge. Almost like spotting blood. It's been 5 days now and it's still happening sporadically.  Is that normal, or should I call the doc? Also, my period is due later this week so I can't tell which is what. 

My doctor told me not to have sex for a week and that the part they took would eventually come out as black/brown discharge and not to worry. They said it would come out within 3-5 days. I think you're okay. Just lay low on sex for awhile and let your body heal. Xo