discharge, sex after treatment, 22.

Hi ladies,


I'm 22 and had my first lletz treatment nearly 4 weeks ago after discovering CIN 2, the procedure went well and they appear 

to have zapped it all out. I haven't actually had much discharge which worries me in itself, I've bled a bit, but it seems

to have died down now, I was wondering how long I should wait before I have sex again? I feel fine, theres no pain,

obviously I'll give it a bit more time to see if the bleeding has definitely stopped, maybe it's just taking a break

before it comes back in full swing :(  I wanted to know what sort of discharge

other people have had, and what should I expect if it does continue?


Also - how many more treatments can be done if the cells do return? I've already

quit smoking, but my GP hasen't been clear about whether I should stay on the combined pill or not. 


I'd love to hear some other perspectives and some other experiences, I've been stressing over this for a while and I'm sure

my GP is quite sick of all my questions by now!


Thanks x


- April 2015 referred for smear test after spotting. 

- May 2015 high grade dyskarosis, colposcopy & lletz treatment

- June 2015 results confirming CIN2, awaiting follow up smear in 5 months.



I was a bit confused by this as well the nurse told me to wait 6 weeks but the letter they sent me home with said to wait until the bleeding/discharge had stopped. I can't remember how long I bled for but I waited about 5 and a half weeks before having sex it did however start the bleeding off again for a short time.