Discharge heavy post lletz

I’m 10 days post lletz now and this veg water discharge is so heavy. I’ve been trying to go for light walks with the dog because I’m sick of being in the house but end up coming home because I feel so disgusting! Any idea when this will ease off? Thanks!

Bless you! I had my lletz a couple of days ago and went for a walk today and felt the exact same. Kept getting little gushes while I was walking! Just wanted to sympathise and I hope it stops soon for you! xx

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I found it got worse before it got better. I had a bad day literally feeling like I was setting myself every time I stood up and then after that it just seemed to stop (but then I did start bleeding a little). It was probably around day 12/13.

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Hiya. Just to say I’m in the exact same position at the moment… Had the LLETZ 12 days ago, and I feel like the discharge (“veg water” is such a good description) is getting worse. I always wear tampons for periods, because I hate the nappy feeling of pads, but ofc am on pads now and they’re having to be changed so often because they’re just uncomfortable and I feel like they smell.

Came here to check whether anyone knew the difference between expected discharge and infection?

Because I’m stubborn, though, I’ve still done a couple of runs (part of my “I own my body, not the other way round” mindset, for better or for worse) and it wasn’t pretty…

I hope things clear up really soon for you all - please do let me know how it goes? xx


So I’m now on day 18 post lletz, I’d say for me the veg water stage lasted about 2 weeks. It eased off then I’ve had light spotting ever since which is much more manageable! Finally feel human again also. I’ve heard that with infection you’ll usually notice a really bad smell and yellow or green discharge? The veg water, as disgusting as it is, is just all part of the process! Hope it gets better for you soon too! X

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Oh crickey, I’ve just had my first LLETZ and after reading the above posts this procedure sounds like a long healing process :cry::cry:, I best go and buy some woman’s nappy pads (been over 25 years since needing anything like that). Great forum, I’ve just joined.


@DKF Literally the day after posting the above, I’ve had a really light day (Day 13) :slight_smile: I’m hoping this is the start of the route out. I also have had no bleeding and no pain, so I hope it goes as smoothly for you x


Thank you for your reply, since yesterday i haven’t had any bleeding, but it’s early days so I’m staying positive and keeping my fingers crossed and legs. Hope your recovery heals very soon x

Hi Lizser, I am now on my 9th day and freshly bleeding? I had very little veg water, slight smell for 5 days and now bleeding each time I pass water. Getting worried??