Discharge and right hip pains after 4 months post treatment

My mother was diagnosed with Cervical Stage 2A on 26.08.2018.

Gone through 25 radiations, 5 chemo and 2 brachy. NED on 31.12.2018 (Based on physical examination only)

She has a 3 month MRI check up scheduled next week. Worried a little as she is having some discharge (Colorless or so) suddenly since 2 days. The back and lower right leg pain started 10 days ago, She has other pelvic pains etc., like sudden pains in back and right lower hip below buttocks. She already has Sciatica on left leg.

Also already having Ileum narrowing which is causing severe stomach ache.


This discharge could be a recurrence? Am scared to death. Going for a checkup with the radiation oncologist.



Cervical Stage 2A ( No pet scan) 26.08.2018

25 radiations, 5 Chemo 29.10.2018

Ileum Narrowing. NED on 31.12.2018

April 2019, fatigue & pains. Discharge on 10.04.2018

wow your mom and my mom almost experienced the same. stage 2A, 25 rad, 6 chemo and 4 brachy. then, after treatment just 2 weeks ago, she’s feeling a bit of pain/numbness in lower back and right leg. some say this is still side effects of treatments. hope your mom’s scans turn out fine. my mom will be scanned soon. keep us posted!

yeah real worried. My mom is having right hip pain! 

can you message me on my facebook so we can talk more about our moms? if that’s fine with you. https://www.facebook.com/sirlawrenceagustin

Any one else who can suggest the condition?


Its been 11 months since the 2B cervical cancer treatment and there were few discharges now and then. But after quite a while, my mother had a watery to clear discharge suddenly once. Is it something expected or to be bothered about? We have an appointment next week but if any one can throw some light pls?