Discharge after Colposcopy

Hi All

I had a colposcopy last Wednesday and my consultant took 1 biopsy.  Since then I have had the usual discharge which is described as normal plus some griping pains on my lower tummy like you get when your due on your period but my question is how long should this last for? It hasnt been constant or everyday but I thought maybe by now it would have passed? I had a colp 6 months ago with a biopsy and I cant remember it lasting this long....but that could be my shocking memory. 

Thanks Gemma xx


Hi Gemma,

Mine lasted about a week. Did you get the coffee grain-like tissue? I also had the pulling sensation. I'll go on a limb and say normal. But if it gets to be too much, call your doc. They shouldn't hesitate to inform you.

Mine did last a little longer, but with another week I was also sent for the endo cervical biopsy. I hope that helps a little bit. I am new in this journey.

Best of luck, luv

Hi there.  Thanks so much for commenting. 

Just over a week now and things seem to have stopped, discharged has cleared but a few gripes but I am due on Monday so its probably all related, will defo call my GP if it comes back or pain increases.  I hope your ok.


Take Care xx