Discharge after colposcopy

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please. 

For more than a year I've had abnormally heavy discharge and painful sex and bleeding after sex. 

I had colposcopy in December - no biopsy taken and the discharge has gotten worse since then. 

I had an ovary removed 2 months ago - normal but very large cyst. 

Now the discharge is constant, blood stained and I have shooting pains in my vagina/ cervix. 

Im really worried that what was originally diagnosed andterraced as an ectropian could be cancer and that I've had these symptoms - which are getting worse for over a year. 

I have been referred for further colposcopy but have a two month wait. 

Anyadvice at all would be most appreciated. 

hey, firstly im sorry you are going through this.


i don't really have any advice as i have been experiencing the same as you for 4 years that has gotten worse.

i had my colposcopy 4 weeks ago and still waiting results, im guessing the longer i wait the less likly it is cancer, but there is clearly still some underlaying issue. keep me posted as to how things go for you. i have to wait for my results before i am referred back to hospital for more tests (if not CC) .

best wishes.

SC xx