Discharge after biopsy??

hi there, I had my colposcopy on Thursday eve and since then I've had a really heavy normal clear discharge? Is this normalx

Hi Hayley,


I can't answer you exactly, after my colposcopy/biopsy I had brown discharge but I had my LLETZ on 24th and after having all the colours of the rainbow down there, I thought yesterday it had stopped but now, like you I'm left with normal clear discharge but pretty heavy! I'm fairly sure that it's normal unless it smells bad which mine doesn't at all. I'm hoping mine will stop soon, wearing pads is starting to get annoying! Hope I haven't given too much info, apologies if I have! If you're worried, give your colposcopy clinic a ring and ask but I've been told it's fine unless it smells. Good luck for your results,

Sarah x