Discharge 10 days post colposcopy/biopsy

Hi there,

I hope it’s okay to post this here as I’m really anxious!!

So I had my colposcopy and they took a few biopsies, which went okay for the most part. I felt sore and had some bleeding which calmed to spotting/brown discharge/brown specks etc for like a week, which smelled a bit funky. At first, I assumed it was the stuff they used and put it down to that but since then it’s kind of turned into some weird yellowish discharge that’s slightly musky smelling, as well as some vaginal itching etc, and sometimes I still notice a tiny speck of brown or red or something on my pad. Originally I had the GP take swabs but she literally originally only took swabs to check for STI for some unknown reason even though I’m not sexually active (which they apologized for later and got me to take new swabs yesterday) but in the meantime 2 days ago I was prescribed an antibiotic (Erythromycin) to cover any infection of which I can’t take due to adverse side effects in the past. I was prescribed this originally because I can’t take the tablet version of Metronidazole as they make me choke, and she said I can’t get the liquid form of it for some reason, but she didn’t tell me she was prescribing Erythromycin instead and I now need to request a different antibiotic or alternative remedy for whatever this might be. I also don’t have the new swab results yet as they were only done recently.
It’s also worth mentioning I think I’m currently around my ovulation period so my discharge does tend to get heavier around this time, I don’t know if this is related but it’s usually a clear colour.

I wasn’t able to get in touch with my GP today to get a replacement antibiotic so I’m now fretting that whatever is inside me is festering and it’s making me anxious and unable to do anything.

I’m so tired of things not going right with my body and issues cropping up, it’s beginning to be one thing after another so you can imagine my anxiety going overboard at this point.

I guess my main concerns are: Is it normal sometimes to have yellow discharge with a musky smell 10 days after the biopsy or is this definitely an infection?
Could it be BV or thrush or what kind of infection is this more likely to be? There’s no fishy smell as far as I can tell, just the musky smell, and some itching.
Will I be okay to leave this for another day? I really don’t want to wait for hours for 111 to call just for an alternate antibiotic as I can try to call my GP tomorrow morning but I don’t know if this is an emergency. I don’t have a fever.

Hi @LuSmith

Sorry your going through this hun, it does sound like it has turned into an infection it takes 2 weeks for the punch biopsy sites heal, it could also be coupled with thrush and/or BV or it may not be… but aslong as you dont feel unwell/weak, passing out or have a fever, it doesnt sound like an emergency so you should be safe to wait untill you can speak to your GP tomorrow :slight_smile: xx

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@Tinkerbelle29 Thank you for your reply! Yeah, I guess it is likely to be an infection but I’m glad it hasn’t escalated to anything too serious. I don’t feel super unwell or have a fever or anything so I guess waiting until tomorrow (and praying I can get hold of my GP this time) should be okay… I’m just a little scared about the antibiotics I might have to take as it turns out liquid Metronidazole isn’t given anymore, and the tablets are far too big for me :frowning: I also have to go to my mums next week so I don’t want any serious side effects… I just hope I can figure something out! xxxx

update: so i’m still having some yellow discharge on and off but the smell has lessened a lot. unfortunately my GP prescribed the wrong thing so i’m left waiting until monday to see whether they can re-prescribe the vaginal gel (they prescribed the one meant for the face instead and it’s a good thing i looked it up lol). at this point i feel like it’s possibly clearing on its own since the smell isn’t as bad lol, i’m having some itching from time to time that’s annoying but that also could be thrush i feel.
i’m reluctant to try the vaginal gel but i guess it can’t hurt to try and see if it clears anything further. i’d rather not have antibiotics unnecessarily but i guess it’s hard to say whether there is an infection or not and the swabs i had to retake myself haven’t been sent back yet (and i don’t know if i did them well enough as i was nervous and can’t see).

i also have thrush cream etc for after taking any antibiotics to see if that also helps rebalance things down there. but i am a bit nervous about inserting all these things after a biopsy, and whether it’ll be healed yet.

has anyone had any experience with vaginal infections and does it really sound like one? would i know if there was one? i don’t have any fever or feel unwell either. could it have just been residual stuff from the biopsy treatment?
would it be safe to put antibiotic gel and thrush pessary inside if it hasn’t healed fully yet? (it’s been 11 days or so since my colposcopy/biopsy)

how long is it normal for a discharge to occur after biopsy? how long have others experienced discharge for? when i googled i get all different answers saying a discharge can last weeks, to only a few days. also that there can be a smell for the first few days but i don’t see anything about beyond that. i know everyone has different experiences (i’ve even read there being scenarios where there’s Monsel’s solution added and comes out a week later in a goopy mess)

i don’t wanna make this post super long as i don’t know if anyone is able to answer my questions or reading lol (especially since i’m replying to a thread i already started). but i figured it would help to bold the questions in case anyone has a similar experience or knows anything.


What were your results for the yellowy discharge.
I heard alolt of women get this
Pale yellowy sometimes creamy looking discharge and not had any gyn problems.
It is like you said musky and a bit of itching
Not all the time and comes and goes over weeks if not months .

Hi Patty! I didn’t actually get any answers in the end lol. I didn’t really want to take the gel or pessary as I was having a bladder flare up (which happens often at night) and I felt it wouldn’t work very well but the discharge has calmed down to an extent. I still do get small amounts of yellowish discharge and a slight smell from time to time which I have no idea about but the specific bad smell I had after the biopsy cleared up.
I haven’t had my results for the biopsy itself yet tho… been a while but still nothing.

I thought they would have taken a swab for the discharge.
Vaginal atrophy can cause this if u r post menopausal i think somebody said long term BV or thrush x

they did do a swab originally, but for some reason for STDs which was ridiculous as I hadn’t had sex in a while lol. then when they realized their music they told me to do a swab myself and give it to send off, which I did but I don’t know if I took it very well so it could have missed something. All results came back negative tho.
I’m only 38 so not post menopausal yet but I might just buy one of those tests to check for BV or thrush etc. Not sure what else I can do and I didn’t wanna take any antibiotic vaginal gel unnecessarily and disturb more flora lol.

Hello I had a colposcopy and biopsy 9 days ago, firstly I had no symptoms, then I experienced a smell but not offish or fishy, no itching and some thick discharge and tiny blood spotting. Now day 8 plus I am having fresh bleeding when passing water? No pain or anything else. Help appreciate, thank you