Its been prevention week yet I haven't seen a single poster, ad, or  tv program news item promote the cause!! Surely the best & most effective form of advertising is the television - yet nothing at all in my area (Co. Antrim, N.Ireland)  I may be partly guilty as I have chosen not to get involved in any way, but where were all the people who were?

I shared a post on my facebook but I'm waiting for my results to be 100% clear before I mention anything public. I messaged all my girly friends about my age though!

I know what you mean though


That’s a shame. I’ve seen lots in the media - mainly news reports with ladies with the diagnosis talking. I was asked via twitter to go on a local radio show too but declined as I’m not comfortable with it. The Guardian had a good article too. I seemed to see it everywhere which was quite overwhelming around my anniversary dates! xx