hi all

some of you may be aware I was supposed to have my radical hysterectomy yesterday , it got postponed as they said I was to unwell for surgery and  there would be more complications if I had it done . I was absolutely gutted as I built my self up got it could not stop crying all day , the most I've cryed since being diagnosed.I'm so glad now I didn't have it done as I know I do need to be 100% fit for the surgery just was disappointed in my self . My surgeons earliest appointment is the 26th July unless I get a cancellation, the deadline date was 27th June , so I'm a bit worried I do have to wait another 4 weeks seems like it would of. been a long time from diagnosis which was 10th may.i did say to surgeon i thought there was a deadline date , he said there was no evidence of spread , so getting me better for surgery is a priority. Still full of the cold and awful cough hopefully get better soon just Sod's law I have had a set back but hopefully will come back fighting fit xx

Oh Lisa, that really sucks! It must have been awful to be all geared up for surgery only for it to be called off. I know it's no consolation right now, but you do want to be healthy going into surgery, I'm 3 weeks post surgery, and I'm only just feeling confident to cough and sneeze now, it would have been awful to be ill on top of recovering from surgery. I really hope you can get in sooner though, another month is a long time to wait! xxx

Thank you stormchaser your kind words mean a lot , feeling a little emotional at the moment xx

Oh Lisa, I know how you feel! The same happened to me, I’d had tonsillitis and they wouldn’t operate. It feels like your world has collapsed again! I was lucky because I got rebooked 10 days later but the delay made no difference at all to my outcome, I’m now 4 and a half years clear.
I recommend loads of vitamin c and echinacea and stay away from anyone ill if you can in the run up to the op!
You’ll get there!

Take care
Ali xx

Aw no! But like others have said you need to be completely fit before having the op. I remember having a cough when I had my youngest boy by c-section and coughing was just pure agony. I'm in week 5 post op and even now I still get a twinge if I cough or sneeze! Good luck for your recovery and hopefully you may get a cancellation.

Thank you all for all your kind words I'm glad now it was postponed till I'm better . Just praying for a cancellation, 4 weeks seems such a long way away . Been doctors this morning have got a upper respiratory infection , hopefully will be on mend soon xx

Awe Hun sorry to hear it was postponed!  I'm in on the 18th July and am praying I dont catch cold/flu  etc nearer the time, we wait long enough without having to wait longer! Take it easy and rest up and hopefully you feel better incase a cancellation comes up xx

Thank you debz

hope all goes well , I'm just hoping it will soon come round . I've got a doctors note for next week , think I'm going to go back to work for a few hours up till my appointment unless I have a cancellation xx