Hi all, 

new here, just got my smear test results yesterday after waiting 5 weeks. I’d just assumed all would be fine beings I’d waited so long!

my results have come back with low grade dyskaryosis and HPV positive. I’m now waiting on a colposcopy appointment.

my problem is I was meant to be flying to Canada to stay for 6 months in 9 days time, and now I don’t know what to do. Delay my flight? Fly back for the appointment, or see if I can get treated in Canada!? 

im meant to be meeting my Canadian boyfriend there, who I already haven’t seen for 2 months, and the thought of it being longer now is killing me. I can’t stop crying and I’m feeling so low. 

Does anyone know how long the average wait time is between smear results and the colposcopy??


Jo xx

Hi Jo,

Sorry to hear your results. The wait seems to vary from area to area. With low grade dyskaryosis they have to see you within 6 weeks. I had the same results as you twice and both times have been seen within days of my smear results (I’m near Bath). It’s likely that they will not give you any treatment at the colposcopy but will probably take biopsies. If the biopsy results are the same as the smear results you will have a repeat smear test in a year (watch and wait) as the majority of the time the abnormality will clear without any intervention. 

Hope that all makes sense. 

Wishing you lots of luck in Canada (one omy favourite places in the world). X

Thanks Sam. It really helps to know I’m not alone. Hoping that’ll be the case! Just sounds so frightening, I completely wasn’t expecting it and it’s floored me :( 

now ive just gotta decide if to delay my trip or to fly back! Argh! Xxx